Meet Louis Scott

Louis Scott JrLouis Scott, CEO of Scott Photography is a published award winning photographer and motivational speaker who has been featured by NBC and Microsoft. He is known for his ability to inspire the uninspired. His passion/desire for helping others is not something that can be masked. His speeches and motivational videos are designed to inspire thoughts that create emotions, which Louis believes create feelings… which in turn will produce the outcomes of your life!

Inspiring and giving to others is not simply something that Louis enjoys doing…it is his calling in life. He realized at a very young age that speaking was one of his many gifts; however it was not until the age of 25 that Louis began to use his gift in extraordinary ways to inspire others. Before discovering what his calling in life was, he struggled to find his way and attempted many different ventures, quit several different jobs, and wasted a vast amount of time and money. Louis continues to have a strong belief that God will reveal things to you at unexpected times, and the day that he discovered what to do with his gift of speaking, the rest was made for the history books.

Louis will motivate, inspire, and make you laugh at the same time…all to evoke change within you to pursue your dreams. Louis Scott is a native of Austin Texas; however he is a graduate of The University of Texas at San Antonio where he studied Criminal Justice with an emphasis on legal adjudication.

Louis is very passionate, and humble about the opportunities he has to speak to others and is able to reach several different audiences by crossing age and cultural lines. While his persistence and determination along with his passion to always learn more about his craft has led him to become one of the most diverse speakers and photographers available, Louis is always honored to speak and/or work with those who need a few words of encouragement.

Louis currently lives in San Antonio, Texas with his wife Sylvia, their two daughters Kali and Khloe, and dog Kujo.